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Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 5:51 AM

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We teach CPR, AED, Healthcare Provider BLS, Bloodborne Pathogens and First Aid Certification Training Classes in FL.
In our courses, we teach nurses, emt's, doctors, personal trainers, therapists, athletic trainers, home healthcare, childcare, daycare, construction workers, dentists, coaches, counselors, babysitters, new parents, teachers & anyone wanting to learn life-saving skills.

You can count on us for fun and educational courses. Why choose us? We have been doing this for 14 years, we are all healthcare providers, nurses, emt's and paramedics and are all licensed and insured. Our client list includes thousands of satisfied customers and we give 2 year American Heart Association or ASHI certification cards the very same day of your training (most other centers mail you the cards!). We are known as the best in FL since we have top rated instructors, give booklets the same day, cpr keychain, everyone has their own manikin with a face shield and aed trainer to use and plenty of first aid supplies. Our professional instructors even hand out free cpr keychains to each student at the end of course. We are also a distributor of six brands of aeds (defibrillators) and carry various first aid, cpr and oxygen supplies.

Our cool instructors are licensed and insured & are official authorized providers of all major brands of AEDs and American Heart Association (AHA), Red Cross, PET CPR and First Aid & ASHI courses.

Sign up today at or and save a life today with a certified AHA course.

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, fort lauderdale

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2014 9:01 AM

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Learn how to save your loved pet today. Your dog, cat or puppy can be saved by cpr and first aid skills too just like humans!

Approximately 6 out of 10 households in the US own some type of pet. By last count, there are over 110 million dogs and cats in the country. And other pets have not been counted including birds, hamsters, fish, and a lot more. Based on a study made by the American Humane Society, pets are content and happy when they are, at all times, surrounded by familiar sounds, smells and sights. Just like humans, animals such as cats, dogs and puppies can be involved in mishaps and accidents. The question is, would you know what to do if your dog gets caught in the neighbor's barbed wire fence? Would you know how to stop the bleeding? What if your cat starts choking, what would you do? When an emergency occurs and it involves our pets, every second counts. If you really want to be the best owner for your pet, you need to learn pet CPR and first aid. Pet CPR and first aid training is something that all pet professionals such as dog trainers, groomers, sitters, dog walkers, animal shelter employees and pet retailers should undergo. Whenever you are assigned to take care of a pet, being familiar with the right first aid procedures can help save your pet's life. According to a pet safety study done by the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of every four pets have the potential to survive if just a single first aid technique would be applied before the pet is taken to the emergency veterinary clinic. That is the reason why you should have the proper knowledge on pet CPR and first aid so that you would know how to act in an emergency. One of the first things that you will learn in pet CPR and first aid training is the importance of keeping a pet first-aid kit at home and in the car. You need to know what to put inside the kit. You will also learn a number of really helpful skills such as rescue breathing, choking management, the different types of pet CPR, what to do when your pet is bleeding, various heat and cold-related injuries, pet injury assessment. You will also be taught on several preventive care techniques that may help you save some money by not going to the Vet or helping to reduce the injury or situation. A certificate is usually handed out after the training. You will also learn some very important emergency skills that you can use when your pet has a seizure, is electrocuted, injured in a vehicular accident, or accidentally swallows poison. You will learn how to administer CPR in the event that your pet stops breathing. Save your loved cat, dog or puppy by signing up for a class at or or

• Location: Ft Lauderdale

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2014 8:48 AM

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today everybody takes photos...but want to learn how to make photos that are unique and stand out.

evening, daytime and weekend classes for novice to experienced photographers.
check it out, classes start soon

boca museum ART SCHOOL
801 west palmetto park road, one mile east of I-95

click on the website link or call us

801 west palmetto park road, 33486    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, boca museum ART SCHOOL

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2014 8:08 AM

Get a CWP / CCW license to carry a Firearm for your personal protection.
We provide basic and advance pistol training, as well as basic safety course.
All classes are conducted by certified M.G.C. Firearms Instructor.
Private class available everyday
Firearm and Ammo provided

**Group discount available**
Classroom and range are the same location, (no driving around)

For appointment call us at: 305-695-0601
Class offered daily
Check us at:

>>>Gift certificates available<<<

• Location: Ft Lauderdale

Posted: Monday, September 1, 2014 6:04 AM

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Do you know how to do cpr, use and aed, first aid or bloodborne pathogens? Do you know pet cpr to save the life of your dog, cat or puppy? Performing CPR on your child or infant may be necessary if he or she stops breathing or is not responding to voice or touch and medical helps is not immediately available. If they are still conscious and can not breath and something is stuck in their throat and they are choking, you need to do abdominal thrusts, or the heimlich maneuver. Learn all these skills at

Remember CAB: Circulation--Airway--Breathing
Performing CPR
1. Have someone call 911 immediately
2. Attempt to wake child by tapping or gently shaking him
3. Place the child on his back on a hard surface
4. CIRCULATION - if ther are no signs of circulation, begin chest compressions.
5. Position the heel of one hand on the center of the child's chest, (if needed, use two hands to compress the chest if the child is large).
6. Begin compressions at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. Give 30 compressions in 18 seconds or less.
7. AIRWAY - open airway with head tilt.
9. BREATHING - if breathing is not present, place the breathing (AMBU) bag over the child's mouth or just put your mouth over their mouth if you chose if you do not have a barrier if you know them or are comfortable doing this.
10. Give 2 one second breaths via breathing bag (or mouth to mouth) to the child. Allow for a brief pause between each breath.
11. Watch for chest movement - the chest will rise and fall with each breath
12. Check for signs of life or circulation after five cycles (2 minutes of CPR)
13. Continue CPR until breathing and/or circulation is restored or until medical help arrives.

Signs CPR is Effective
• The child's chest will rise and fall on its own.
• The child's color has improved.
• The child shows signs of circulation.
So, there is no time to waste! Learn cpr today.

If you ever felt like you wanted to make a difference, then this is your chance. The website offers registration for certification courses on CPR. You can also get some basic medical supplies you might need from their attached online shop. Helping others is something that we all should care for and look forward to.

Florida's premier CPR training site and bloodborne pathogens classroom and online training site Specializing in CPR, AED, First Aid, PALS, ACLS and Bloodborne Pathogens Certifications, Training Classes, and Defibrillator Sales.

Approved Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training Courses for: Healthcare, Body Art, tattoo artists, body piercers, Healthcare Professionals, childcare workers, laboratory, teachers, coaches, general workplace

But it isn’t as easy as it might sound at first. You need training and get certification in order to perform these things legally. Luckily for you, or and has all the resources you’d need to do and much more.

3550 N. Andrews Avenue, 33309    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, florida

Posted: Sunday, August 31, 2014 4:02 PM

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Airbrush Tanning Training provided by Southern California's Premier Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy

Airbrush Tanning Classes & Certification

The Airbrush Tanning Industry is booming!

Become a certified Airbrush Tanning Technician in 1 day.  Everyone Can Learn Airbrush Tanning

No Experience, No Licensing & No Long-Term Schooling required.

Private & Hands-On Training.  Classes are every week on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.  Only 1-2 students accepted in each class.

Visit or

or call or text (818) 674-9621

• Location: Florida Keys, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014 5:03 PM

O N L I N E !!!! Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime!

Looking for affordable, high quality and practical ways for learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Arabic?? Try Skype lessons!! Right in the confort of your house, learn as much as you want! Pay just $20 Dollars per 60 minutes of practical learning experience.

Lessons available of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic languages for children and adults. Highly qualified tutors with more than 30 years of experience teaching languages using personalized methodologies according to each person learning requirements and skills. We can also help with school assignments, homework or to prepare for exams. Learning languages will let you open your mind to reach the best opportunities that the world has for you!!!

CALL OR TEXT (561) 9081153 or E-MAIL - englishleapclub @

Clases privadas de Inglés, Español, Francés, Alemán, Italiano, Portugués y Árabe disponibles para niños y adultos. Tutores altamente calificados con más de 30 años de experiencia en la enseñanza de idiomas por medio del uso de metodologías personalizadas que se acomodan a las necesidades y habilidades particulares de aprendizaje de cada persona. También ofrecemos acompañamiento de tareas, traducciones y preparación para exámenes. Aprender idiomas te permite abrir tu mente para alcanzar los millones de oportunidades que el mundo tiene para ti!!!

Cours privés de Anglais, Espagnol, Français, Allemande, Italien, Portugais, et Arab pour enfants et pour adultes. Tuteurs hautement qualifiés avec plus de 30 ans d'expérience en l'enseignement des langues en utilisant des méthodologies personnalisées en fonction des exigences et des compétences d'apprentissage de chaque personne. On peux également vous aider à faire vos devoirs, des traductions ou pour préparer pour des examens. Apprendre des

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, ONLINE

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014 4:29 PM

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Add additional income from existing clients with Window Tinting>>

Our Window Tinting School can help you start your future in the ever growing business that is interesting, rewarding and can be learned quickly with very little investment. It is a business that allows you to be profitable from the very start. We have a complete 6 Day intensive hands on course for you to achieve your goal of becoming a professional window tinter. You can earn $60.00 to $150.00 an hour working on you own and and average of $200 a day working in a shop.

We will teach you basic business management, shop or mobile setup, laws of tinting, strategies for marketing / advertising, training on different types of film, where to purchase film and tools at the best prices.

Instruction manual for reference on what was covered in your training, Basic tool package included..

Old Film removal methods to save you time and give you excellent results and profits. Instructions for installing tint on home and office flat glass this is where the big money is you can charge $150 an hour for labor.

6 full days of hands on training working with and learning the tricks of the trade from our professionals on flat glass, and auto tinting installation covering such things as cleaning and window prep, cutting and installing basic windows without using a pattern, How to install side windows perfectly without removing door panels, overcoming obstacles on windows that pop open and close with hinges, proper edge sealing to prevent window tint from peeling, wet and dry film shrinking for installing curved rear windows in one piece, relief cuts and seamless installations for difficult rear windows, how to tint rear windows with black dot edges and rubber edges, reverse rolling installation method for handling large pieces of tint by yourself.

Free set of basic tools is included to get you started!

Next class starting in soon. Enroll now! Respond to this ad for further information!



call John at 786-594-4499

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, South Florida

Posted: Friday, August 29, 2014 11:50 AM

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Become a professional Armed Security officer now!
We are offering the armed security guard "G" license at a discounted rate of $175.00
Call now and receive a free concealed weapon carry permit!

Classes will be held on September 11, 2014 at 9:00 Am at our training facility located at: 1975 East Sunrise Blvd Suite# 810, Fort Lauderdale FL 33304
Spaces are limited so call us at (954) 759-9119 to reserve your seat.

We also offer full training in: Asp expandable Baton, handcuffing, OC Pepper spray
Concealed carry weapon permit class only $65.00
Requalify with a .40 or .45 caliber for $75.00 only!

1975 East Sunrise Blvd, 33304    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 7:51 PM

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Don’t be fooled by a CHARLATAN that “offers” in Craiglist,, here and other sites, with the same PHONE NUMBER, “GUITAR, DRUMS, PIANO” AND SPANISH, with ZERO DEGREES.


Remember Fernandez, nobody knows if you’re a ‘legal’ immigrant, but everybody can say that you’re the epitome of the SCAMMER: NO NAME, ZERO DEGREES, NO NATIONALITY, NO ADDRESS, ANONYMUS. A perfect clown.

IN USA, giving or using a fake or otherwise unaccredited degree is ILLEGAL. DO YOU KNOW THAT for falsely claiming in writing to have an accredited degree YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL?




*The use of ‘teacher/tutor’ is misleading unless the purported teacher identifies the entity
issuing the referenced certification and the area or field of certification earned.
University Professor from Argentina and Master's degree in the United States, offer Private top-notch classes, for professionals, businesspeople and students of all ages.

My Qualifications / Accreditations:


- Master's degree in Social Sciences. Nova Southeastern University.

- Florida Supreme Court Mediator. Nova Southeastern University.
- Florida Department of Financial Services. 2-15 Life, Health and Variable Annuities License.

- Argentinean Attorney at Law. Universidad Nacional Del Litoral. Facultad de Ciencias Juridicas y Sociales.

-PhD in Law. Universidad Nacional Del Litoral. Facultad de Ciencias Juridicas y Sociales.

-Interpreter in Judicial Cases. Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales.

-Interpreter and Translator. Instituto Nacional Lenguas Vivas. Argentina.

I lecture Spanish courses that will help you improve your capacity to comprehend, speak, read, and write the language.

With over 25 years of teaching experience, I had the satisfaction of having lectured at the University of Buenos Aires, Universidad Catholic Argentina and Nova Southeastern University, accompanied by an extensive private tutoring career.

Following a quick level assessment, I customize a program that will allow you to make firm improvements in each particular language area.

I teach vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms, and grammar, utilizing varied history, sociology, law, current events, arts and literature bibliography, as well as any particular subject of special interest to the student.

By learning and practicing the specialized lingo of your profession, you can make the difference both professionally and academically.

Private lessons allow you to learn at an accelerated pace. I center on building a strong foundation while tailoring classes to your specific needs, interests, and goals.
*Special Courses for INSURANCES COMPANIES by a Licensed Agent in 2-15 Life, Health and Variable Annuities. Benefit Adviser.




21205 YACHT CLUB DR, 33180    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, MIAMI OR SKYPE

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:02 AM

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Curso de la Bolsa de Valores

Presentacion Gratis

Introduccion a la Bolsa de Valores

Aprenda como:

ADMINISTRAR SU PROPIO DINERO, nadie le va a cuidar su propio dinero mejor que usted mismo

PONER EL DINERO A TRABAJAR PARA USTED, no usted para el dinero, usted está en control de su dinero

INVERTIR CON UN PLAN DE NEGOCIO, debe ser tratado como cualquier otro negocio, si no tiene un plan fracasará!

TENER EL CONOCIMIENTO CORRECTO, información y herramientas correctas para ayudarle a tener éxito

AHORRAR TIEMPO Y DINERO, acelerando la curva de aprendizaje. Esto no tiene precio!

PROTEGER SU DINERO, usando estrategias de control de riesgo e inversiones, sin esto nada nunca funcionara!

Atienda una Presentación y Reciba: Material de Preparación del Curso de la Bolsa de Valores con Programa de Invertir. GRATIS!!!

Si usted está localizado en el área de Miami-Dade o Broward y le gustaría aprender cómo Invertir en la Bolsa de Valores sin arriesgar dinero y tomar su futuro financiero en sus propias manos visite este sitio para más información:

Curso de la Bolsa de Valores - Miami y Broward - Presentacion Gratis

PCS Investments

8040 NW 155 St Suite 201 Miami Lakes, 33016    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Miami / Broward

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:02 AM

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Stock Market Trading Course

Free Presentation

Introduction to the Stock Market

Learn how to:

MANAGE YOUR OWN MONEY, no one cares more about your own money better than you do

PUT THE MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU, not you for the money, you are in control of your money

INVEST WITH A BUSINESS PLAN, It should be treated like any business, if you don't have a plan you will fail!

HAVE THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, right information and tools to help you succeed with better results

SAVE TIME AND MONEY, by speeding up the learning curve. This is priceless!

PROTECT YOUR MONEY, using risk and money management strategies, without this nothing will ever work!

Attend a Presentation and receive: The Stock Market Trading Course Preparation Material with Stock Trading Software. FREE!!!

If you are located in Miami-Dade or Broward area and you would like to learn How to Trade Stocks online without risking any money and take your financial future into your own hands go to this website for more information:

Stock Market Trading Course - Miami and Broward - Free Presentation

PCS Investments

8040 NW 155 St Suite 201 Miami Lakes, 33016    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Miami / Broward

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:23 AM

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Defaulting on your federal student loan has serious consequences including:
• Possible legal action against you by the government.
• Bad credit standing.
• Possible wage garnishment.
• Not being eligible for TITLE IV financial aid funding.
• Harassing collection calls and letters.
• Responsible for collection fees and costs.
One of South Florida’s leading financial aid expert is now offering her expertise in helping students
• Manage their student loans.
• Loans consolidation
• Get out of default.
Call Rosezza Miller of FA Ethics Consulting Inc. to inquire more 954-305-8994
Or visit

**If you have financial aid questions call The FAEC South Florida Financial Aid Help Line 954-626-0843**

• Location: Ft Lauderdale

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:14 AM

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Are you or someone you know thinking about college? Have you considered having a Financial Aid Consultant?
A Financial Aid Consultant can:
•Save you the hassle of filling out application forms.
•Ensure you meet all financial aid deadlines.
•Help you in your search for more grants, scholarships and loans.
•Ensure you receive the maximize aid you qualify for.
•Guide you step-by-step through the financial aid process.
•Save you time and money by helping you receive financial aid.
•Help determine your eligibility.
•Determine if you are receiving a fair financial aid offer.
•Offer brochures and booklets on financial aid.
•Provide an estimate of your expected family contribution.
•Recommend the school that offers you the best financial aid package.
•Assist in financial aid appeals.
•I also help you manage your student loans and get you out of default.
For more info visit , questions call financial aid expert Rosezza Miller 954-305-8994
**If you have financial aid questions call The FAEC South Florida Financial Aid Help Line 954-626-0843**

• Location: Ft Lauderdale

Posted: Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:10 AM

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check it out, it is time to take an art class!

boca museum of art - THE ART SCHOOL
801 west palmetto park road

click on the website link for information
or call us 561-392-2503

watercolor class for beginners starts now
and lots of other art classes

>> excellent teachers, wonderful studios, affordable prices, new short courses for the summer, and conveniently located

beginning drawing
life drawing
pottery ceramics
photo classes
and more

art classes in palm beach county

801 west palmetto park road, 33486    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Ft Lauderdale, boca museum THE ART SCHOOL

Posted: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:47 AM

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Affordable, in-depth courses that will fit any schedule. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Online Photography Courses

All courses now 50% off

" This online course was the best investment I've ever made. The lessons were invaluable and
very clear. I highly recommend this course for anyone eager to learn photography."
- Anthony T.
| Read More Testimonials

Photography Basics Online Course

Introduction to
DSLR Photography

Photography basics for
the beginner photographer

6 Lesson Guides: 141 pages
Videos: Over 1.5 hours

More Info
Free Preview

Manual Photography Online Course

How to Shoot in
Full Manual

Manual photography
for DSLR cameras

6 Lesson Guides: 139 Pages
Videos: 2 hours total

More Info
Free Preview

Macro Photography Online Course

Macro & Close-Up Photography

Macro photography
for all skill levels

6 Lesson Guides: 162 pages
Videos: 70 minutes

More Info
Free Preview

Photography Filters Online Course

Filters for Nature Photography

An in-depth course
all about photography filters

4 Lesson Guides: 113 pages
Videos: 30 minutes

More Info
Free Preview

Landscape Photography Online Course

Composition for Dramatic Landscapes

Learn how to improve
your landscape photography

4 Lesson Guides: 123 pages
Videos: 55 minutes

More Info
Free Preview



Courses available for all skill levels!
Work at your own pace - unlike other photography courses, you make your own schedule!
Download free samples today! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Courses include:
- In-depth weekly lesson guides
- Hundreds of example photos and illustrations
- Extensive video presentations
- Unlimited email support
- Image critiques and feedback
- Lifetime course access!

Click here to learn more about these online photography courses!

Save up to 60% off when you enroll in 2 or more courses!
Click here for details


For complete information on how these online photography courses work and what's included, click here.
For more information about the instructor, visit the About Nick Carver page.

• Location: Florida Keys, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Online

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 3:02 PM

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Inversiones a Corto Plazo

"El Curso de la Bolsa de Valores es una fuente perfecta de conocimiento para ganar dinero invirtiendo consistentemente, es simple y efectivo. Conviértase no solo en un Inversionista, si no en uno confiado antes de poner su dinero en la Bolsa de Valores"


Que es Invertir a Corto Plazo (Stock Trading)?

Invertir a corto plazo (Stock Trading) es cuando se gana dinero debido de un movimiento en el precio de las acciones de días, semanas o meses. El precio de las acciones Suben y Bajan constantemente, moviendose solo unos centavos diariamente pudiera traer una tremenda oportunidad de ganar dinero en solo días o semanas.

Comprar acciones cuando el precio BAJA y venderlas cuando el precio SUBE, tan simple como eso. El movimiento del precio en las acciones puede ser fácilmente identificado analizando una Grafica (Stock Chart), donde se aplica el Análisis Técnico.
Aprenda cómo ganar dinero siguiendo 3 pasos simples, no es algo Difícil. Solo aprenda cómo:

1-Reconocer la formación de la grafica
2-Usar la estrategia adecuada
3-Praticar como se gana dinero

Pero como saber si el precio de las acciones SUBIRAN o BAJARAN?

Esa es la PREGUNTA del MILLON de DOLARES!!! Hay un secreto o formula?

Muchas personas piensan que la respuesta no existe, se encuentra en la grafica o solo necesita tener suerte. NO!!!

Hay una manera que le puede ayudar a reconocer que harían las acciones probablemente en el futuro cercano, ningún secreto o formula, la respuesta está en la DATA FINANCIERA.

Aplicando Análisis Fundamental lo puede ayudar a tomar la mejor decisión, sin esto estaría invirtiendo como un juego o peor, tomando decisiones con los OJOS VENDADOS. No hay secreto o formula, solo la información CORRECTA. Esta es la verdadera clave en Inversiones!

Análisis Técnico + Análisis Fundamental = 100% Éxito!!!

No tiene mucho dinero para Invertir?

Hay más de 300 acciones que valen menos de $5.00 en la Bolsa de Valores. SI!!! MENOS DE $5.00 DOLLARES.

Estas Acciones suben 30%, 60%, 90%... o más en solo unos días o semanas. Compra 1000 acciones @ $1.00 por $1000, vende las 1000 acciones @ $1.50 - $2.00 y usted puede ganar $500 - $1000 de ganancia o 50% - 100% de retorno en su inversión.

Imagínese con 10,000 acciones cuánto dinero se puede ganar, $5000 - $10000 o más en solo unos días o semanas!



Invertir a corto plazo puede ser una oportunidad de ganar dinero en la Bolsa de Valores como una fuente diversificada de ingresos, puede ser tratado como un negocio por internet que le hace ganar dinero extra, haciendo el dinero trabajar para usted y NO usted por dinero, usted está en control de su propio dinero.

Inversionistas de experiencia usan el Poder de Ganancias Compuesta para alcanzar grandes ganancias. La tabla de abajo muestra una formula en cómo se puede alcanzar grandes ganancias, como puede hacer $1.5 Millones con $5,000 de inversión en 5 años, si logra hacer 10% de retorno en su inversión mensual, no se hace $1 Millón de la noche a la mañana.

Números anteriores son hipotéticos y no garantizan que usted alcanzara estas ganancias. Los resultados individuales varían. Las ganancias pasadas no garantizan resultados futuros.

Para más información por favor visite:ñol

Curso de la Bolsa de Valores - Miami y Broward - Entrenamiento Personal

PCS Investments

8040 NW 155 St Suite 201 Miami Lakes, 33016    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Miami Lakes, Miami / Broward

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 3:02 PM

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Stock Trading

"The Stock Market Trading Course is a perfect source of knowledge to profit consistently from Trading and Investing, is simple and effective. Become Not just a Trader and Investor, but a confident one before putting your money in the Stock Market"


What is Stock Trading?

Stock Trading is when you profit from a price movement from days, weeks or even months. Stock prices go Up and Down all the time, moving a few cents every day could bring a tremendous opportunity to profit in just a few days or weeks.

Buying when the price goes DOWN and selling when the price goes UP, as simple as that. The stock price movement can be easily identified analyzing a Stock Chart, where Technical Analysis is applied.
Learn how to profit following 3 easy steps, this is NOT Rocket Science. Just learn how:

1- Recognize a Chart pattern
2- Use a proven Strategy
3- Practice your ways to profit

But how do you know the Stock Price is going to go UP or DOWN?

That’s the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!!! Is there a secret or formula?

Most people think that this answer does not exist, is even in the stock chart or you just need to be lucky, WRONG!!!

There is a way to help you find what any Stock is probably going to do in the near future, not such of secret or formula, the answer is in the FINANCIAL DATA!

Applying Fundamental Analysis will help you make the right decision, without this you will be gambling or worst, making a decision BLINDFOLDED. No secret or formula, just the RIGHT information. This is the Holy Grail of Investing!

Technical Analysis + Fundamental Analysis = 100% Success!!!

Not enough money to Trade Stocks?

There are more than 300 stocks priced under $5.00 in the Stock Market. YES!!! UNDER $5.00 DOLLARS.

These Stocks go up 30%, 60%, 90%... or more in just a few days or weeks. Buy 1000 shares @ $1.00 per share for $1000. Sell the 1000 shares @ $1.50 - $2.00 a share and you could make $500 - $1000 profit or 50% - 100 % return in your investment.

Imagine with 10,000 shares how much money you could make, $5000 - $10000 or more in just a few days or weeks!



Trading Stocks can bring an opportunity to make money in the Stock Market as a diversified source of income, it could be treated as an online business that makes you extra income, make your money work for you and NOT you for the money, you are in control of your own money.

Successful traders use the Power of Compound Gains to achieve great gains. The table below shows a formula in how great gains could be achieved, how to turn $5,000 into $1.5 Million in just 5 years, if you are able to make 10% return in your investment each month, you can't make $1 Million overnight.

Numbers above are hypothetical and do not guarantee you will achieve these gains. Individual results will vary. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

For more info please go to:

Stock Market Trading Course - Miami and Broward - Personal Training

PCS Investments

8040 NW 155 St Suite 201 Miami Lakes, 33016    google map | yahoo map

• Location: Miami Lakes, Miami / Broward

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 1:32 PM

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Florida Cell Phone Repair Training Center will train you in all aspects of cell phone repair. Which is one of the fastest growing industry in the world. Over 300 millions phones by year 2013. And they all will need repair sooner or later. Start your own business. 1 week training day classes. Weekend classes. Call today. 954 228 4560. Check out our website Or visit us on facebook


Introduction to cell phone and Smart phone industry
Cell phones and Smart phones functions
Difference between feature phone and Smart phone
Tablet computers and how do they compare to Smart phones
Cell phone and Smart phone electronic components
Cell phones, Smart phones and Tablets computer repair industry
Introduction to DC power and Surface Mount Device electronics
Theory of basic DC electronics
Apple iOS and Android Operating Systems
Overview of both operating systems
Contrast and comparison of features
Skills and techniques for both operating systems
Cell phone/ Smart phone dis-assembly techniques
Hands on phone dis-assembly and assembly techniques
Basic cell phone repair techniques
The future of cell phone and Smart phone repair industry


Advanced DC power
Advanced DC power supply concepts and technique
Multi-meter concepts and techniques
Board level DC electronics theory
Circuit board block diagram layout architecture
Cellular network and topology fundamentals
Cellular network and computer concept
Cellular network technology CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, GSM, IDen, WiMax,
US Mobile carriers
3G/4G and the technologies that drive them
Basic Cell phone trouble-shooting and repair diagnostics


Hands on hot air rework station skills and techniques
Hand reflow techniques
Advanced Smart phone operating system principles
Google Andriod OS functions and rooting
Apple iphone iOs functions and jailbreaking
Advanced Cell phone/ Smart phone dis-assembly techniques
Hands on phone dis-assembly and assembly
Liquid damage and corrosion repair procedures
Physical damage repair and software troubleshooting techniques
Smart phone touch screen and LCD replacement
Cell phone component repair and replacement
Flex ribbon replacement
Business models and marketing
Skills and competency review

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